Thryve – Gut Test and Probiotics

Here’s a new service where you can receive quarterly (4x/year) or bi-annual (2x/year) stool tests and also monthly (12x/year) 15-strain probiotics delivered to your door.

Single test kits are now also available:

Thryve – Gut Test and Probiotics

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Continuous testing may be important to assess microbial populations over time. You’ll be able to see changes in your microbiome based on your diet, exercise and supplement protocol. Just one test may not be representative of your microbiome.

Thryve testing utilizes a stabilizing liquid in the sample tubes called MicroStore™ which causes microbes to be frozen in stasis to ensure no growth or death for sample preservation and higher accuracy readings. Online reports detailing results are excellent.

We are also offering Microbiome Balancing Private Consult to help interpret test results and provide support.

Please join The Gut Club Stool Test Discussion Group on Facebook where you can post your results for interpretation and support.