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    Just got my results back from the British (American) Gut Project and I can’t quite figure it out. My sample has come back looking significantly different to the samples it’s compared to – with 60% Akkermansia! I’ve tried googling some of the others mention, including Alloiococcus but can only ever find it referred to as being from the middle ear (how it got in my gut I have no idea…)

    Does this make sense to anyone? I try to eat healthily and make my own saurkraut, sourdough, kefir etc…

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    Keith Bell

    Sorry for such late response! I’ve never seen such high levels of Akkermansia in stool test results and would be very suspect the results are somehow wrong. Do you have a particular health condition?

    Akkermansia at high levels may indicate an inflammatory situation according to some research. Yes, you can have too much of a good thing. You may want to retest using uBiome as you’ll get a much broader picture of your balance. Please use our discount code here:

    uBiome Stool Testing

    You can also post results on The Gut Club Stool Test Discussion Group on Facebook. Thank you for posting!

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