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    As I posted in the other thread, much has improved in my son’s Microbiome following FMT.

    Here is the latest report:

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    Thalassospira is much reduced, but still higher than typical. The antibiotic/FMT regimen has reduced the total quantity, but has not wiped it out completely. Not sure if I should try to bring it down further…overall things are looking quite good, and ASD symptoms have improved greatly. We still struggle with many issues that could be LPS related, though…


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    Keith Bell

    Seems a truly remarkable change when previously almost half of results were Proteobacteria:

    Ubiome results for 2.5 yo with ASD and gut issues

    Perhaps now diet and supplementation can nudge flora balance further in the right direction, especially in the small intestine where stool testing can’t tell us what’s going on (duodenal tests can). So, maybe one of the low carb diets along with strategic supplements would be effective . . . here’s a program we’ve been promoting, but it’s not a high fat ketogenic diet. I would add a good probiotic to this program. Also consider something like a GAPS diet or the SCD diet.

    What is the cellRESET program?

    (the supplements in this program are very child friendly and I would add a good probiotic; also consider going dairy-free)

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