No Lactobacillus strains?

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    I’ve been following some of the benefits of Lactobacillus and my ears pricked up when I heard it could affect memory and anxiety, as I’ve had issues with both.

    I had a microbiome test previously with DayTwo and looking back at it, it listed many bacterium but no Lactobacillus at all. It also only listed Bifidobacterium Longum at 0.16% and no other strains of Bifidobacterium. I understand these are two common beneficial bacterium – is that of any consequence?

    My most common are:

    Bacteroides Uniformis – 20%
    Alistipes Putredinis – 14%
    Subdoligranulum Unclassified – 14%
    Escherichia Coli – 11%
    Bacteroides Caccae – 7%
    Bacteroides Faecis – 5%
    Bacteroides Vulgatus – 4%
    Akkermansia Muciniphila – 2%

    According to DayTwo, all of these percentages are higher than population averages. Also, none of my many other bacterium were of a type that was typically found at higher (10%+) percentages, which I’m taking to mean I have an atypical microbiome?



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