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    I’ve just received my results and have very high Proteobacteria – 79% with Firmicutes at 11.5% and Bacteroidetes at 7.5%. My most abundant microbes are Acinetobacter at 41.7%, Rhodospirillium at 10%, Providencia 8.6% and Achromabacter at 7.3%.
    I have 151 x the average leminorella and 103 x average Rhizobiacae.
    Could this be the reason I get a lot of gas, gurgling and bloating? From what I’ve read, this is an indication of inflammation, yet, I’ve had a stool test for that which came back as ok. Any ideas how to get a better gut balance? I thought I ate pretty healthily, but it doesn’t seem to be working!

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    Keith Bell

    Please post screenshots of your results. Thanks for posting. Do you have a particular health condition?

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    Here are my results including the full list. I have IBS which has improved since going on a FODMAP elimination diet, but the gas/bloating problem is still there. I also have intermittent issues with non-diabetic low blood sugar, I don’t know if this is reflected in the microbiome as well

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    Keith Bell

    Thanks again for posting and for being a self-advocate. This is quite a dysbiosis of gram-negative overgrowth associated with bloating. There’s also plenty of research evidence regarding microbial regulation of blood sugar balance.

    Have you ever tried probiotics? Perhaps this imbalance can also be resolved via probiotic enema or fecal transplant (FMT). Here’s a case of autism where Proteobactereia overgrowth was treated with FMT:

    Ubiome results for 2.5 yo with ASD and gut issues

    Post-FMT results in detail

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    Keith Bell

    You may want to try other testing as American Gut uses a dry collection swab so Proteobacteria may tend to overgrow in their analysis.

    Here are two other tests

    Thryve – Gut Test and Probiotics

    uBiome Stool Testing

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    Thank you. I haven’t tried probiotics yet, but it is something I am looking to do. I went on a FODMAP elimination diet to see if that would make a difference. I thought the problem was related to something I was eating but the gas and bloating is still there so that is my next step.

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