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    I use the ketogenic diet for my son who first had epilepsy and then later autism. It is very specific based on height and weight. Between inherited germline, the medications he took, and the vaccine injuries…..It is hard to pinpoint things. There are a couple of Dr.’s that do presentations on gut brain connection Dr.Reinwald and Dr.Rigarrio. They speak of a ketogenic diet for autism with proteins that are in a certain form. The depakote he used caused a change in his brain that made his developmental delay that was mild turn into something awful. I am doing everything I can with certain fats, no casein, no gluten, and ketogenic diet. I work with a dietitian but many menus I have had to create for him based on his tastes. I need to incorporate some more probiotics specifically L. Reuteri which might help with the glutamate issues. My son also has some ADHD like physiology which was what he had at 3 then after the use of Depakote it became more like Autism and ADHD. The ketogenic diet helps with the ADHD too. I feel if I can heal his gut I might be able to heal his brain, but I am also working on tackling the inflammation problem from the adjuvant damage. My son is a mess and it is going to take years to repair him from the damage that was done. All around me are mothers of somalian culture immigrants to the US with damaged children…Vaccine damaged children. If I could just get the CBD he needs that would cost 500 a month for the strength he needs. If I could just have all the money in the world to afford all of the tests that Dr.’s don’t cover so I can hopefully figure this out. Here we have the proteome, the microbiome, the secretome, etc..We have OAT, and metabolite tests and yet none of them are covered by our insurance. Theories as to why the late speech regression occurred: Depakote caused abnormal brain connectivity. Depakote contributed to autism….through what mechanism I am not sure but something tells me it is liver-blood-gut-brain connection. The drug caused abnormally high blood ammonia levels, which contributed to changes in his gut and brain which turned into autism by damaging the liver, gut, and brain. The vaccines likely caused encephalopathy, then gut-brain damage.

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    The diet pretty much controls seizures. On occasion I notice irregular synaptic transmission activity.

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    Keith Bell

    Please see response here:

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