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    Hi folks,

    I have a friend who’s health is in decline with cancer – she want to go keto but says she cant stomach animal fats. Im thinking she should introduce some microscopic critters to help break down that animal fat… have you got any suggestions which ones?


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    Keith Bell

    Heart goes out to your friend. I’ve read fat malabsorption is a main cause of symptoms in Celiac disease. So what can ameliorate the problem since Celiac disease is found to be a condition high in gram-negative bacteria? How about regular probiotics high in Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria along with prebiotics targeting their growth? They would displace the overgrown pathogenic microbes causing malabsorption. Low carb is crucial to make the transition, a matter of competitive exclusion.

    Lactobacillus and Bifido produce the enzymes (BSH) to break down fat in bile acid. Not sure if this includes animal fat, will research further.

    Perhaps it’s the Bacteroides most responsible for digesting animal fat. There are no Bacteroides probiotics I’m aware of . . . yet! Cutting carbs on a ketogenic diet is known to raise Bacteroides and lower Clostridia. But it will take time on the diet, perhaps more than two months to begin seeing results.

    Perhaps your friend would join the conversation and get a uBiome test.

    This paper talks about fat digestion and Bacteroides under “Resistance to bile”:

    Coconut and coconut oil may be another form of saturated fat she can utilize.

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    Nice one Keith, I’ll pass on your thoughts – sorry it’s taken so long to reply – I should turn on an email alert when my thread has been answered! Much appreciated!

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