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The Gut Club pages on Facebook are currently where most of the action takes place:

Here is The Gut Club Facebook page for current topics about gut health. This is a public page for general information and discussion.

And here is The Gut Club Stool Test Discussion Group. This is a closed group for privacy. Please post test results (uBiome, Thryve, GDX, etc.) here so we can learn and share information about microbial balance as driver of health.

Please consider purchasing a uBiome stool test kit on our site at discounted rate of about $70. Also Thryve kits including probiotics at 30% discount.

See you in cyberspace!


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Author: Keith Bell

Keith Bell is a citizen scientist particularly interested in gut-brain connection including gut origin of seizure, underdiagnosed in epilepsy. Published articles include topics such as microbial predisposition, fetal colonization, microbe translocation and vaccine safety. He's founder of Sanitation Circle and 25 year veteran of the recycling industry with interest in sanitation and health. During the 1980s, he was a UNICEF radio spokesperson in Chicago for annual release of State of the World's Children Report. He believes "Sanitation is Sanity" and that microbial balance is an internal and external environmental issue of the highest order. Keith founded The Gut Club in 2016 to create awareness about the importance of intestinal health to general health and provide support for treatment and prevention of metabolic disease.