Drink High Alkaline Water to Raise Protective Gut Microbiota

Have you been following all the news about the microbiome the past few years? This field of science has been exploding and represents a true paradigm shift in health and medicine. Science is rapidly revealing the reciprocal relationship we have with our microbes. Quite simply, we depend on a healthy balance of microbiota for our health and survival.

Now, let’s make the case that the health mechanism behind high alkaline water isn’t just about creating antioxidants, but in maintaining an environment by which our protective microbiota thrive. This environment is the small intestine where most of our water is absorbed by far:

The small intestine may be construed as the center of all health. And it’s here where a balance of microbes is crucial. This is where our nutrients are absorbed or malabsorbed. This is where all health begins, or it’s the beginning of the end!

Most people would think that drinking high alkaline water would make our intestines more alkaline, but the opposite is true. Drinking high alkaline water actually favors the growth of microbes which maintain the intestinal pH at healthy acidic levels.

Contrary to popular belief, the so-called alkaline diet is one that feeds the protective microbiota in order to maintain a healthy acidic gut. A low acid gut means acid reflux where the cure is to raise acid. When the gut produces acid, bicarbonate is sent into circulation to maintain healthy alkaline blood. Such are the inverse relationships of our compartmentalized bodies. These inverse relationships include gut-brain and intracellular pH. But it all starts in the gut where our water is absorbed.

Studies conclude that certain bacteria, the anaerobes, thrive best in negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential) and this is exactly what is provided by consistent use of high alkaline drinking water. This ORP represents the antioxidant value of high alkaline water. It allows for the growth of protective microflora, especially the lactic acid bacteria such as Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria. These bacteria guard against overgrowth of gram-negative, toxin-producing aerobes.

These toxin-producing aerobes are also important to health, but they shouldn’t be overgrown in the small intestine as this leads to malabsorption syndrome and is associated with metabolic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cancer and neurodegenerative disease. A recent study shows how pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli thrive in an aerobic environment fueling their aerobic respiration.

So, by creating an environment with a high negative-value ORP drinking water which is high alkaline water, we’re helping our protective microbes to guard the intestinal fort.

How’s that for counterintuitive? High alkaline water creates a healthy acidic gut!

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Author: Keith Bell

Keith Bell is a citizen scientist particularly interested in gut-brain connection including gut origin of seizure, underdiagnosed in epilepsy. Published articles include topics such as microbial predisposition, fetal colonization, microbe translocation and vaccine safety. He's founder of Sanitation Circle and 25 year veteran of the recycling industry with interest in sanitation and health. During the 1980s, he was a UNICEF radio spokesperson in Chicago for annual release of State of the World's Children Report. He believes "Sanitation is Sanity" and that microbial balance is an internal and external environmental issue of the highest order. Keith founded The Gut Club in 2016 to create awareness about the importance of intestinal health to general health and provide support for treatment and prevention of metabolic disease.